Vehicles are tools of travel, aiding you in getting around the city and potentially aiding you in crimes.

Common Rules

  • Your vehicle is secure.  Even if you leave it parked for a few hours street thugs, civilians, and police will be unable to harm it.  It can still be taken or damaged but it takes time, specialized skills, or ordinance can hurt it. 
  • Type:  Your vehicle has a type, Air, Land, Sea, and Tunneling.  You can use other features to give it additional modes of travel.
  • Every dot grants you an additional vehicle- unless you just want to keep 1. 
  • Armored:  Your vehicle is armored against small arms fire from extras and minions.  Against elite extras, heroes, and other villains It has a hardness & soak of 6 against all damage and 5 health levels. 

0: you must make do with commandeered or mundane transports.  Or Uber.

1: You have a personal transport, a motor bike, goblin glider, cosmic surfboard, etc.  You can carry along a willing passenger or an unconscious body.  It has 1 Feature.

2. Your vehicle has 2 features.  It is now the size of a sports car.  It has 10 health levels.

3: Your vehicle has 4 features.  It is now the size of a trailer home, bus, or fighter plane.  It has 20 Health Levels.

4: Your vehicle has 7 features.  It is now the size of a truck and trailer, cargo plane, yacht, etc.  It has 35 Health Levels. 

5: Your vehicle has 11 features.  It is the size of a cargo ship. It has 55 Health Levels.  


  • Additional Type-  Your vehicle has an additional  mode of transportation.  (Air, Land, Sea, Tunneling)
  • Armored (Can be taken multiple times.) – You vehicle is resistant to small arms and even casual abuse.  Every time you take this feature, the soak and armor on your vehicle doubles. 
  • Cargo Capacity-  Your vehicle grows in size with each dot you take in the Vehicle Background, but its passenger capacity and spare room remains the same.  This gives you additional space to hold people, minions, special items.   
  • Constant – Vehicles increase in size as they get more advanced – but yours doesn't. When you take this feature, pick a size – that's always the size of your vehicle. Period.
  • Chase- You gain instant successes on a chase roll equal to your vehicle rank as if it were an epic in successes.  (1=1, 2=2, 3=4, 4=7, 5=11)
  • Compact- Your vehicle can break down into a smaller, carry-able size.
  • Distance (May be taken multiple times)-  You can't exactly park the batwing at a gas station.  If you have no Distance Feature your vehicle can only operate in the city and surrounding areas.  The first time you get this it's Intercontinental, the second inter planetary, the 3rd is Interstellar.
  • Suppression Systems- Your vehicle is designed to put out strange events- Fires, Frost, Rampant Electrical discharges, etc.
  • Weaponry (Antipersonnel) – Your vehicle carries poison gas, machine guns, an array of missiles, sonic cannons, etc.  It knocks out people in the area and can potentially damage villains or elite minions (tier 3+).  It does damage or requires fatigue tests based the vehicles rank.  (1=3, 2=5, 3=8, 4=11, 5=15)
  • Stealth- Your vehicle is hidden from detection and sight until it attacks or does something obvious- crashes into something, launches twenty minions in broad daylight. , 
  • Silent Running – Your vehicle can run at full capacity and make no sound – until it does something compeltely obvious, like crashses or fires it weapons.
  • Weaponry (Heavy)- Your vehicle carries powerful weapons designed to knock down buildings, armored vehicles, pierce bank vault doors, etc. 
  • Fast – Most Vehicles have a top speed of about 100mphon the open road. Yours doubles that. Take it again, and we'll double it again.
  • Battering Ram – This is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Maneuverable – Your vehicle doesn't move like a regular car or plane or boat – maybe your car can strafe sideways with ease, your plane can hover in mid-air or your boat can rotate on a dime. It doesn't really matter – but you can easily get out of tricky spots or sharp corners.
  • Autopilot – Your car can do its thing without your help – and you can summon it to your location if its able to get there. A second purchase of this gives your vehicle a basic A.I. – it can even fire its weapons and other tricks without you being actually in the vehicle.
  • Onboard computer – Plugging your vehicle into computers can give you bonus dice to your hacking or investigation rolls. Bonus dice are equal to your rank in vehicle.
  • Energy shielding – Your vehicle gains a form of immunity – fire, frost, electricity, etc. You can take this multiple times – each time it grants you a different immunity.
  • Ejector Seat – Not only does this work as a automatic saftey feature in the event of a crash, but it can also eject you at speed high into the air or into a unsuspecting group of criminals. 


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