Doc Salvage

The Life Saving Hero


Height: 5’10”
Hair: Synthetic Black
Eyes: Cyborg Red
Distinguishing Features: Armored Hardsuit, Thick glasses, pale artificial skin, mechanical parts. Glowing Hands.

Appearance Score: 5
Perception Score: 5 (12 yards sight, 12 yards hearing, 6 yards smell)
Strength Score: 4 (Casual 200 lbs, Deadlift 400lbs, Drag/push 800lbs: Uplifting Might 800lbs deadlift)

Aesthetics: All the powers and knacks of Doc Salvage are based on advanced technology in her cybernetic body. Devices appear as they are summoned from guns, to extra armor, to pez dispensers.

Most Notably her White Noise Canon which emerges from beneath her chestplate.


First appearing at Amino Middle School, and later seen around town, Doc Salvage is a prominent figure in the emerging Superhero culture of Metropolis.

Rogue’s Gallery

  • Nemesis- ?
  • Adversary- ?
  • Sportsmaster- Behind Bars.
  • Black Boomerang (Lt Oz)- Behind Bars.
  • Catman- At large.

Fanbase: 1
Hideout: 1
Vehicle: 1

Doc Salvage

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